Apparent Age- Late 20something

Born 185? Brusset, England
Died 188? London, England
Reborn (vampiral) 188? London, England

Summary- William The Bloody aka Spike aka "Dr." Walthrop is a formerly deadly vampire sired in 1880 by the psychotic Drusilla as a lark when she bumped into an angry young third-rate poet, William Soames Walthrop by name, who had just been rejected by the woman of his dreams...

One of the most brutal and dangerous vamps Buffy has encountered in the series, Spike (who took the nickname for his penchant for torturing his victims with railroad spikes) has also shown remarkable flashes of humanity, particularly in his care and concern for his siress Dru... On occasion, as it suited him, he has become Buffy's ally...But never for long...Until...

Season four...When he became a victim of a US government-sponsored project, "the Initiative" which sought to study the strange creatures roaming the Sunnydale area, ostensibly to fight and control them...In fact to use them as a basis for the development of superweapons... As an experiment Spike received a behavioral modification chip, which violently shocks him when he attempts to harm humans...but does not restrain him from killing demons or vampires, even those who may look human...As the chip's effect prevented him from killing, he became increasingly attached to Buffy and her gang, who distrusted him although they refused to kill him in his defenseless state...Then came Season five

When we learned that Spike had been a decent and charming human being...And was the victim of very bad luck...Even the name of William the Bloody turned out to be a nickname given the human Walthrop for the "bloody awful poetry" he wrote...Equally interesting, he found himself in love with Buffy, his former nemesis...A love which understandably she decisively rejected, despite his fumbling attempts to persuade her that he is ready to abandon his former life...Although it is clear she does conceal a certain sympathy for him...

He therefore, in desparation, has turned to Warren the robotmaker...For his own Buffy...

Education: Cambridge University, two years.
The title "Dr." is not even honorary...A gift from his partner Warren...
Current Profession: Junior partner in W/S Bionetics, Inc-cybernetics firm specializing in development of robotic/biologic replacement organs; Slayer assistant; Househusband

Former Position: Assistant to cybernetics research director, Xortox Labs

Previous: Killer vampire, Third-rate poet

Unique vulnerabilities-

Daylight, sharp wooden objects, Slayers (suffered from repressed death wish)

Favorite song-

“I Know Where I’m Going”...It being his mother Amelia’s favorite song...


Spouse-(robotic human) Buffy Rebecca Summers-Walthrop, nee Summers
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Mother (human)-Amelia Walthrop
Mother/Siress (vampiral)-Drusilla

Father ?
Grandfather (vampiral)-Angelis/Angel
Grandmother (vampiral)-Darla

Sisters in law -(spiritually) Buffy Anne Summers (human twin), (spiritually)Dawn Summers (artificial human)

Near sister/best friend -Willow Rosenberg

Explanations of his redemption-

Buffy Rebecca: (from “In for a Penny" and "The Tie That Binds”)

William Walthrop has done nothing to deserve eternal damnation...If and when his demon overcomes the chip..."I will give him peace"...Until then if her William can maintain his new life status and tries to do what good he can..."No one has the right to judge"...


Spike: (from “Sunnydalopolis” and “In for a Penny”)

“"I don’t know...I only know somehow I knew Buffy Summers could save me...And when she (BR) came to me..."”

Willow: (from "Sunnydalopolis")

[It was]..."The infinite compassion of Buffy Summers reaching across the infinite universe to hear William Walthrop's agonized cry...I knew my friend Buffy was special...But..."

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