Apparent Age-20something

Born spring 2001, Xortox Labs,Inc, Sunnydale, CA
Died spring 2001, Greenwood Cemetery, Sunnydale, CA
Reborn spring 2001, W/S Bionetics, Inc, Sunnydale, CA

BR was created by Warren Mears the cybergenius at Spike's request (see "I Was Made to Love You" in Buffy TVS season 5)...However, our Warren is a true genius and has developed a neural transfer system capable of perfectly copying a human brain into an artificial one...Anxious to test out his system and feeling lonely guy solidarity with the Spiked one, Warren went ahead and with a little help from his new "assistant", "Dr." Walthrop (aka Spike) built BR at his workplace, Xortox Labs. (SeeBR's dream of her creation with footage from Xortox security cam...)

Buffy provided the neural template...Without her knowledge, thanks to Spike...

Result... A second Buffy...in image, personality, and soul...But, isolated from friends and family, immortal, and more safely able to express Buffy's necessarily buried sympathetic feelings for Spike and all human souls trapped in vamps...She is very gradually able to offer Spike her trust, a chance for redemption, and love...
On her terms, of course...

Characteristics distinct from her twin sister:

Can hum “quite pleasantly”, according to Rupert Giles, and sing...; Has up to three times her twin’s speed and strength...; Has a supplemental memory for back-up information storage (which cannot be used during college exams, rats); Carries an onboard blood synthesizer; Is immortal (more or less); Soon to be capable of conception and carrying to term but requires an egg donor...;Had minimal objection to living in a crypt...; Requires periodic immersions in skin regeneration tank; Adept at disguise owing to ability to adjust facial musculature; Can hiss like Elsa Lancaster in "The Bride of Frankenstein;

Although her personality mirrors Buffy’s, she has a fixed romantic interest as well as an extra ‘Dad’ so has been able to bear the recent disasters in the Summers’ family more easily...

Unique vulnerabilities-

Her brain is vulnerable to intense electromagnetic radiation; Fears lightning; Has a fear of developing insanity and becoming violent due to the nature of her artificial brain; Unable to fatally injure humans (though has considerable leeway in ability to injure); Her former live-in, later (see "The Tie That Binds") husband (he can be killed by sunlight, wood sticks, etc...and has many enemies...she worries constantly)

Favorite song-

“I Know Where I’m Going”...Copied into her memory during construction by Warren at Spike’s request...It being his mother Amelia’s favorite song...

Least Favorite Movie-

-Naturally, as the robot woman of the film goes mad  

Occupation-Greatest Slayer of All Time; College Student; Housewife
Career Goals-Child Psychology


Husband-William Walthrop aka "Spike" aka "Dr." Walthrop
See more on the good Doctor?

Mother (spiritually)-Joyce Summers

Father (spiritually)-Hank Summers

Second father (spiritually)-Rupert Giles

Dad/creator (physically)-Warren Mears, cybergenius

Sisters -(spiritually, mentally) Buffy Anne Summers (human twin) and (spiritually)Dawn Summers (artificial human)

Near sister/best friend -Willow Rosenberg

Near brother -Xander Harris

Explanations of her existence and nature-

Warren: (from “Sunnydalopolis”)

The application of chaos theory to neural net modelling...A potential Buffy plucked from the infinite universe of infinite possibilities...”She loves you (Spike) and doesn’t know why...”

And will leave...if the person she loves fails her...

Spike: (from “Sunnydalopolis” and “In for a Penny”)

“I don’t know why (she loves me)...I only know somehow I knew Buffy Summers could save me...And when she came to me...”

“Think of Buffy on a quiet day...She’s had trouble with me all week but has somehow avoided staking me...But, when she has just a moment she can’t help wondering...Spike seems so human sometimes...If I tried to help him?...Would he have a chance?...Maybe?...

That’s Buffy Rebecca... “

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