Note 2/22/02-Owing to someone mailing a virus infected file (caught, lucky me) I had to dump several innocent ones...Vicki, Gayfreida, Jolie please resend your emails when you can... Submission Guidelines for the BR site:

Please review some of the info about the BR verse before making a submission...
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1.)Non-BR featuring stories are accepted but should have some grounding in the BR/Cicely/Anne verse
and must include a short summary, rating, and genres
2.)No overly profane, violent, or nasty sex. No extreme violence.
3.)State whether or not you want your e-mail address made public. If not
I will e-mail you any comments.
4)Please include brief disclaimer...(Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc retain ownership of all Buffy the Vampire series characters, that effect)
5.)Must be edited i.e. spell-check, grammar check,and in proper
paragraphs. Else I may edit it...And you donít want that...
Please send your stories to me at Email me! below
If your email has problems please contact me separately and I will do me best to help.

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