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BR verse-

“Yet More (Semi) Parallel Lives...The Great Race, 1906"

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    -The night of BR's restoration, Buffy's wandering mind travels ever further
    -Into the body of a young Physics student in 1906...Who has a leetle trouble
    dealing with Angel's counterpart...
    -Another tribute to Jack Lemmon, of course...

“Mona and the Monsters...”

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-human Buffy takes center stage when she becomes a "technical
advisor" to a new, cutting-edge TV series...

Normal Buffyverse-

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-William and his new boss, the Brooding One face a mystery in Europe centering round their favorite Slayer..

"Immortal Beloved...Tales 1-110+"
-Various outcomes for Buffy and Will from Angel S5's "Girl In Question..." to "Not Fade Away..."
-Go to Normal Bverse page and scroll down to the series list
(Remember, they're not continous parts of one story, but a set of possible outcomes)

-Restored to Humanity William finds himself involved in a mystery centered around the love of his life
-...And suffering from a minor, rather understandable phobia...
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Queen Buffy..."
-The Immortal is a true showman...And has spared no effort or expense...

The Cicelyverse-

"Life with Mother and Father..."

Eighteen years into their marriage, the Walthrops try to deal with their
family-immediate and extended, the occasional menace, and the world of the
21st century...While Buffy finds her Victorian Cicely nature increasingly
asserting itself...

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-A Halloween companion tale to "Groom". In 1880, Cicely Addams Walthrop makes
the right decision and saves her Will that fateful night
-But Drusilla is not so easily cheated of her Prince...
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" Nemesis..."
-S8...Buffy faces her greatest enemy when an alternate Buffy enters the
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"I Love Ya...Truly..."
-S8...With the aid of some demon brew Buffy gets the chance to say it
and mean it...The hard way
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"The Time Machine, II..."
-Following the action of my earlier TM1, in an alternate Cicelyverse, Warren still seeks to create the perfect Warrenverse while wreaking vengeance on his blonde nemeses, Buffy and William...
...With a little unexpected help from a certain demon from an alternate future...


"The Secret Diaries of Samuel B. Pepys..."
-The famed 17th century diarist kept another, special copy...Concerning some unique events...
-Another past life for Buf and Will...

"The Buffy Effect..."
-With the 'help " of a certain evil geek, Buffy attempts to save William...
-Similiar to my Immortal Beloved series of sketches, and my Semi-Parallel Lives bits mostly just short brainstorming ideas for other tales...Some may be longer...
The Anneverse-
-In an AU version of season 1, Anne, Buffy's murderously insane but wildly loving demonic counterpart, gets her chance...
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Upcoming Stories...

"Normal" Buffyverse-

-Buffy and her William face an enemy they cannot defeat...The inevitable...

"The Third Sin..."
-Years after Will's destruction and rebirth, a hopeful reunion between him and Buffy is threatened when one of them reveals a dark secret...

“Tales from the Black-Souled Buffyverse...”
Summary-C'mon...There had to be an AU where Buffy was like...Totally cruelly intended...

BR verse-

“The Devil and Dr. Walthrop...”
-Our hero embarks on a quest to Hell seeking answers about
his curse and redemption...Much to the Missus' unhappiness...
-While the sisters Buffy learn more than they ever wanted to about themselves...

"Enough With the (Semi)Parallel Lives.."Buffy-Theodora"..."
-The night of BR's restoration, Buffy's wandering mind winds up in the
body of a famed Byzantine actress/empress...

"Semi-Parallel Lives: "The Key to Buffy Rebecca..."
-Every living soul must be unique...So where did BR's come from in Warren's infinite universe?...

"The Thanks of a Grateful..."
-BR and William receive a Gift at the hands of the Humanity they have labored
to save

The Cicelyverse-


-Following Cicely's and William's tragic deaths in 1880 their loving friend seeks justice...

The Cicely and William series (see "Life with Mother and Father" above)
Tales from the 1880s series coauthored by William and Buffy Summers- Walthrop
In the story, "Life With Mother and Father"
Possible titles-
"The Strange Case of Dr. Morbius"
"London by Moonlight"
"The Soul-Eater"

-Dawn seeks redemption after becoming a source of tragedy...

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