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The Dreary Details...
      -During the action of "The Tie That Binds" Giles and Basey get to
       know each other over the "dreary details" of Slaying
      -While the gang gets to strut its stuff in the absence of both
-This story is affectionately dedicated to Lynne Thigpen, the model for my Basey...

How to Murder Your(Immortal) Wife...Read
      -A Jack Lemmon tribute from the BR verse...
      -In 2101, Spike helps his old pal Angel with his marital problems
      -Never could really happen in our happy little verse...Could it?...

The Adventure of the Freckled Man...Read parts 1-12  Read parts 13-21
      -BR and Spike make use of their sleuthing skills and other "unique"
      abilities while continuing their European honeymoon/sales trip...

Yet More (Semi) Parallel Lives..."The Great Race, 1906"...
Read parts 1-10    Read parts 11-20   Read parts 21-30  Read Parts 31-41 Read ongoing
    -The night of BR's restoration, Buffy's wandering mind travels ever further
    -Into the body of a young Physics student in 1906...Who has a leetle trouble
    dealing with Angel's counterpart...
    -Another tribute to Jack Lemmon, of course...And to Lynne Thigpen, model for Basey/Madeleine

Of Mice and Minions..."

    -Buffy Rebecca and Walthrop/Spike complete their European honeymoon
     with a visit to Greece...And to a certain retired Goddess and her chief minion...

"The (Semi) Complete Works of William Soames Walthrop...Book I"

"'William Walthrop's Christmas Carol'... From the (Semi) Complete Works of William Soames Walthrop...Book II"

"'The Vampire As Metaphor'From the (Semi) Complete Works of William Soames Walthrop...Book III"
"'The Hallmark Period, 1968-1997' From the (Semi) Complete Works of William Soames Walthrop...Book IV"
Book IV

"Mona and the Monsters..."

Read Parts I-XII Read Parts XIII-XXIV Read ongoing

Scripts Read the Mona pilot script Mona Theme and Lyrics
Acolyte of Mona poster  View the Mona website (in development but some pics)

-human Buffy takes center stage and a job on a new, ground-breaking
TV horror series while Buffy Rebecca and Walthrop/Spike are away in Europe...

"Lazy Daze..."

    -Buffy Rebecca and Walthrop/Spike spend a quiet day at home in Sunnydale...While 'Dr.' Walthrop prepares for his leetle trip...To Hell...

"The Devil and Dr. Walthrop..."
-William embarks on his journey to Hell in search of answers regards his redemption...
-While the Buffy twins deal with some issues at home...
Read See "Dr." Walthrop's Hell gallery (coming soon,in progress)

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