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Shippers Unite

Buffy Episodes/Episodes Images Guide
A nice episodes guide

The Bloody Awful Poets Society
Dedicated to Spike's redemption...

Good general links site for all things Buffy...

The Vampire and the Slayer
Great digital art site...Very kind folks who generously allow use of images if you ask and give credit...

Sonja Marie's BTVS/ATS Links
Wide ranging general links site for BTVS/ATS fanfiction and other...

Fanlist site for the crucial "Fool for Love" episode

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pics, Artwork, Fan-Fiction

Sites related to certain stories

Metropolis-the movie

Metropolis-the movie

A Metropolis (the silent film) web site...

Groom of Rosenberg
Bride of Frankenstein-the movie
A Bride of Frankenstein web site...

SPL tale "Buffy-Theodora"
Byzantine history site
Some Byzantine history...

Sunrise-the movie
A Sunrise (the silent film) web site...

S7 finale bit "MSS (the Iraqi Information Minister) to the Rescue..."
We Love The Iraqi Information what dear ole al-Sahhaf is up to...

A real-life amazing couple...Samuel and Elizabeth Pepys, from the Diary 1660-1669
of Samuel Pepys...

Naturally Sam and Elizabeth will feature as Will and Buffy ancestors at some point
But for now, just enjoy Mr. Pepys and his Elizabeth and the world of his diary (in serial format), courtesy Mr. Phil GyfordGo to the Pepys Diary Site
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to beat Sam soundly at times but you'll never be bored by the Pepys...

And of course don't forget our other pages of stories here... More BR verse

(More or less)Normal Buffyverse stories

The Cicelyverse

The Anneverse

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