Photos from Spike and Buffy Rebecca's home crypts at the old lair and Greenwood Cemetery
from "Sunnydalopolis"...

By Spike and BR
   Spike by BR                                   Buffy Rebecca at Greenwood
    Taken by Dr.Remington's followers-Our first night out 
 Guess how we got it from them...Along with Mom's audio tapes
 Spike later gave this outfit to Warren for Buffy-April
   That dimwitted computer brained sexbot...

      Just before dawn-Our first day 

  It's moving day!...Spike!...                  "Why Buffy there you are on   
            "Buffy-It's daylight..."                  the telly"

 Spike!...I'm studying here!...ok..and eating 

BR out to dinner by Spike                              BR back after meeting Willow and Giles...

Buffy Rebecca after the Battle of Sunnydale Mall
"Spike! You just love me covered in blood, don't you"
He couldn't wait till I'd regenerated...Oh no...

 Dawn and BR at the crypt-post Glory fight 
  Buffy Rebecca...The Greatest Slayer of all Time   

     My last photo of BR the morning she
       had a 'headache'

BR's private corner wall

  Caught Spike good this time
   Buffy(the sis) and the gang                          Mom, Buffy (sis again), Dawny 
  Spike and me                                       Spike says this will do until; 
  Used the timer for this                                  I get a picture of 'Dad' Warren
                                                                 He's so droll, I could just stake him

From "In for a Penny"

Not so happy reunion...Me and Sis merged...
Spike comforts us after Sis' transformation...
Why he took a picture neither of us will ever know...
But...I was dead at the time...Timer again...

Thanks, Sis...

  BR and I return to the crypt after her resurrection
  Milady remembered the dress...
Afraid it's not the same one, sweetie...It's black thro..
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