Answers to the last quiz-Sorry for the delay...

His Benevolence...

First, Who is my general physical model for His B? br>
Jude Law, of course.

What other names has the Immortal had besides my usual Henri?...
Jonathan, Vlad Dracula, Hank Summers, the Mule, William Soames Walthrop, Cardinal Immortale

Name a tale in which he's a good guy...
Who?, Heliophobia, are 2 good choices.
Evil pond scum...

Name a famous fictional character who makes frequent appearance in the IB sketches. (Yes, by some other than Joss Whedon).
Leopold Bloom among others.

What is this thing called Love

Name a tale in which William rejects Buffy?...

"Heliophobia...", several ibs

Name a tale in which Buffy dies for Will?
Sunrise, Anne (not really but I'd allow it), several ibs.

The Halloween Tales (Groom, Drusilla, Halloween Carol)

Who assisted Willow in her somewhat messy resurrection of Buffy? (hint-it wasn't Andrew)

Tara, her lab assistant and “unholy lover”

What spirits appeared to older Buffy to help out with her emotional troubles in "A Halloween Carol"?

Hank Summers, Joyce Summers, Dawn Summers-Walthrop, her demon Anne

What profession had William embarked upon in that tale?


Who assisted Willow in her messy resurrection of Buffy in "Groom of Rosenberg"?
Tara, Warren, and Jonathan

Who is Andrew's houseguest in "Daughter of Rosenberg"?

Dr. Alucard

What was Buffy the Rosenberg monster's shrewd career move?To stop saving humans

Who are the two secret guiding forces behind the action of "Drusilla"?

Simon Farris, Vlad Dracula

Who is William's employer in "Drusilla?

W.S. Gilbert

Who is risking trouble with Mary Shelley's copywrite in "Groom"? (besides me)


Who was older Buffy's Watcher in "A Halloween Carol"?

Wesley Jr. (hey, it’s an AU)

Who made an involuntary organ donation in "Groom"?

Katrina Mears

Who is the villain in "Heliophobia"?
Hard as it is to believe, Ms. Buffy Anne Summers (jealousy)

What's your favorite story and why...?

Which did you dislike and why...?

How about your favorite new character?...And why?

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