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From "Sunnydalopolis" and "Tales from the Greenwood Crypt"-
Opening and precreation theme (When You Wish Upon a Star)
Buffy Rebecca's theme (Here Comes the Sun)
Glory and Dreg theme (Moonglow)
A 4 day old robot is driving my car (Walk Like An Egyptian)
Spike in the Graveyard (Singin' in the Rain)
Buffy II and her hero...(Come Go With Me)
William's song for Buffy Rebecca (I Know Where I'm Goin')
Moving Day (American Bandstand)
In the tank (Splishsplash)
Dinner theme (Moonlighting)
Spike's theme (The Wanderer)
Severn's theme (Master of the House)
General Dreg/Weak troops to the front lines(Imperial March)
"Dr." Walthrop, family man (A Hard Day's Night)
The Battle of the Sunnydale Mall (The Planets-Mars)
If you love me (Adagio for Strings)
Spike and Buffy Rebecca love theme(Ebbtide)
Scooby assault on Xortox (The Great Escape)
end theme (Ebbtide)
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From "Tales from the Greenwood Crypt" and "In for A Penny"-
Crypt Theme (Love Shack)
Everyday Life (Dadada)
Spike and Buffy Rebecca...(Come Softly to Me)
At Joyce's Museum (Mission:Impossible)
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From "In for a Penny"-
Eternity is Ours...Spike and Buffy Rebecca love theme (Ebbtide)
Darla and Dru (Girls Just Wanta Have Fun)
Buffy Rebecca's theme (Here Comes the Sun)
Extremis...(Adagio for Strings)
Darla's Triumph...Buffy's Demon (O Fortuna)
Scooby March (The Great Escape)
Operation Wolfram-Hart (Mission:Impossible)
Willow and Spike at Wolfram Hart (Secret Agent Man)
Buffy April to the Rescue (Macarena)
End theme (When You Wish Upon a Star)
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From "The Tie That Binds"
The Mum in Law from Hell (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
Spike and Buffy Rebecca love theme(Ebbtide)
Song for Dru (The Maids of Arrochar)
Leto's Theme (The Godfather)
Wedding March...(Going to the Chapel)
BR's Dream...(Addicted to Love)
BR's song for William (If I Only Had a Heart)
Dru's hymn...(Blest be The Tie That Binds)
Dru and Spike by the Sea (Once Upon a Time in the West)
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From "The Adventure of the Freckled Man"
Adventure of the Freckled Man (Pink Panther)theme
The Sun Whose Rays...(go to the midi link, minimize this page once music starts)
BR and "Dr" Walthrop in Scotland...(Scots Reel;Bonnie Doon;Lochnagar; Scotland the Brave March)
Unauthorized Access (Shot in the Dark)
"It's not like the Hound of the Baskervilles is out there..." (Bad Moon Rising)
Dance...(Buffy Is Me Darlin'...see tale)
Spike and Buffy in Florence (Once Upon a Time in the West)
Demons of the Past (Adagio for Strings)
Spike and Buffy Rebecca love theme(Ebbtide)
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From Yet More (Semi)Parallel Lives "The Great Race, 1906"...
Opening theme (the Entertainer)
The Angel Le Grand March (Monty Python's Flying Circus)
Here Comes The Sun
Tocata and Fugue
Race Themes (I. The Angel Le Grand March II. Raiders of the Lost Ark theme)
The Boracho Reel
Will and Millie (Solace)
Old Dracula's Tale...Slayer's Party in Romania (O Fortuna)
The Sweetheart Tree
Race Thru Paris (Macarena)
Victory (Jurassic Park theme)
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From William Walthrop’s Christmas Carol...

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer...
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From "Of Mice and Minions..."-
Glory and Dreg Theme (Moonglow)
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Greece Arrival...Can I Stay Here With Dreg?...Love Makes Us Human (Dunbar's Theme)
Will vs Spike...The Foul Beast Is Here (O Fortuna)
Attack by the Templars/Glory's Battle Theme(The Planets-Mars)
Kruger's Triumph...(Adagio for Strings)
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From "Lazy Daze..." and "Devil and 'Dr.' Walthrop..."
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From "Demon's Due"-
Main Theme (The Third Man)
Angelis-Buffy's Theme...(MonaLisa)
Spike and Buffy and Angelis/Buffy in the Crypt...(As Time Goes By)
Angelis-Buffy/Dawn Love Theme (Someday My Prince Will Come)
Spike Love Theme (Love Me Tender)
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From "Fractured..."
Main Theme (Ring of Fire)
"Pixilated" Buffy...(Runaround Sue)
She Likes Me...Buffy and William...(Come Softly to Me)
Movie Night (Come and Go With Me)
At the Supermarket (American Bandstand)
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From "Mona and the Monsters"
Main theme from "Mona and the Monsters"
Action theme from "Mona and the Monsters"...(Peter Gunn)
Jon on Top of the World (I've Got the World on a String)...
Libby's Theme...(You've Got to Hide Your Love Away)...
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From "Very Little Rascals"
Main theme (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
Nerds on the Loose...Nerds and their Girl at the Mall (The Naked Gun Theme)
The Bride of Nerdsenstein...(Everybody Wants to Rule the World)
Uptown Girl
Spike vs "Buffy-bot II"...(Bad Moon Rising)
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From "The Time Machine"
Time travel theme (Stargate SG-1)
March of the new Jedi Council (Earth division)...Buffy and ole Bess to the Rescue...(Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Fearless Leader Warren (Everybody Wants to Rule the World)
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From "Sunrise..."
The Sun Whose Rays...(go to the midi link, minimize this page once music starts)
or without text use...Music only
Intermezzo from "Cavalleria Rusticana..."(go down page to Mascagni links, select Intermezzo, minimize after music starts)
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From "Redemptionista Wars..."
Redemptionistas Theme (Star Wars:A New Hope Opening Theme
Battle Theme (Star Wars battle theme)
Before Prince William's speech (Star Wars:A New Hope Battle Theme)
The Troika Lords' March (Imperial March)
Buffy and Spike Love Theme (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi-Luke and Leia)
Throne Room Battle(Star Wars: Return of the Jedi-Throne Room, Darth Vader Theme)
Swingin' on a Star
My Boyfriend's Back
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From "Qualities of Mercy..." and "Romance Palace"- Secret Garden
With or Without You
From "Romance Palace"

From "Romance Palace" and "Life With Mother and Father"-
Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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From "Life With Mother and Father"-
Opening Theme (James Bond Opening Theme)
When I'm Sixty-Four
Soul Man

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From "Buffy, the Slayer of Sunnydale"-
Main theme (Theme from "Romeo and Juliet")
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From "The Groom of Rosenberg"-
Sadly, I can't give you the Bride of Frankenstein creation theme or the rest of the wonderful score from the movie...
However it's available from for $15 and is one of the first complete movie scores ever written...
You could also try Kazaa if you have it...

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From "Drusilla..."-
Dru's Theme (Phantom of the Opera)
Angelis and Darla's song ("Over the Hills and Far Away" from the Beggar's Opera)
Cicely and Will's wedding song (All I Ask of You)
The Chairman's Hymn (Stand Up For Jesus)
Cicely's Love Song (Nothing's Gonna Harm You)
After The Ball
A Disagreeable Man...(from "Princess Ida"...)
In Enterprise of Martial Kind...(from "The Gondoliers")
Dru's Love Song (The Music of the Night)
Artists' Life (Strauss)
Cicely's Loyal Three (Soldiers of the Queen)
Art and Craft (Artists' Life, Strauss)
Rehearsal Night Chase (Perpetuum Mobile)
Opening Night Gala (Emperor Waltz, Strauss) Dru at The Savoy (Masquerade)
The Sun Whose Rays...(from "the Mikado"...)
Dru in Extremis...(No More I Love Yous)...
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From "The Road to..."
The Road to... (adapted from the Hope and Crosby song for the movie, try any of the H/C websites or at
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From "Master..."-
Main Theme (Come Softly to Me)
Jacket Theme (A Summer's Place)
Bunny and Heiny Love Theme (Romeo and Juliet)
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From "Deathwishes..."
Main Theme (Hey There)
Begin the Beguine
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From " Nemesis..."-
Main Theme (The Look of Love)
Alternate Willie's Bar (Heart of Glass)
Maybe You'll Be There
Wonderful, Wonderful
A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
Sooner or Later
Giles' office/End Theme (Falling in Love Again...)
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From "Two Weeks at Saddy's..."...and "MSS (the Iraqi Information Minister) To The Rescue..."
The Glove (Scott Joplin, 1910)
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From "I Love Ya...Truly"-
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If I Loved You
I Love You Truly
Buttons and Bows (Bob Hope)
Can't Get Enough of Your Love

From "Anne..."
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Main Theme (Body and Soul)
Anne's Theme (Hey There)
The Southern Belle Waltz

From "Holiday"-
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Main Theme (Senza Fine)

From "Sacrifice..."-
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Barbara Allen

From "Forever..."-
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Love Me Tender

From "'Reckless Love'...A Hell Hygene Film..."
Run Film
Falling in Love Again

From "The Very Thought of You..."
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The Very Thought of You

From "Immortal Beloved" series...
When I Fall In Love...
Rome Theme...(Non dimenticar)...
Buffy and Will dance...(I Can't Help Falling In Love With You)...
Assault on Casa Immortale...(James Bond theme)...
Love's Theme...
Buffy and Will dance 2...(I've Got You Under My Skin)...
Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered...
What a Wonderful World...(Only Louis Armstrong)
You're The Top...
Walkin' on Broken Glass...
Night and Day...
Smile... (I recommend the Nat King Cole version)
La Vie en Rose (Dadila or Edith Piaf version)
That Sunday, That Summer...(Again, go for Nat Cole)
Buffy and Will dance 3 (IB99) (Speak Low)...
I Get A Kick Out of You...
Nuits de Miami (IB99) (Moon Over Miami)...(Go for the French version by Josephine Baker...)
I'm Confessin'(That I Love You)
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From "The Secret Diaries of Samuel B. Pepys..."
Beauty, Retire (1665, Samuel Pepys)
Our Hearts Belong to Sammy...(My Heart Belongs to Daddy...)
La Vie en Rose (recommend Dadila or Edith Piaf version)
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From "The Bright Side"-
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Main Theme (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life)

From "Heliophobia..."
Theme from "Vertigo"...
Who?...(Jerome Kern)

From "Lets Misbehave"-
Lets Misbehave...(Cole Porter)
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From "Duh, Prisoner..."
Theme from "The Prisoner"
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From "This Is Our Lovely Day..."
This Is Our Lovely Day...(Vivian Ellis)
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From "Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year..."
Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year...(Frank Loesser)
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From "Heliophobia..."
Barbara Allen
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From "You Only Live Thrice..."
Theme from "You Only Live Twice..." (John Barry)
Theme from "The Prisoner..."
Theme from "Get Smart..."
Romance...From "The Gadfly" (Shostakovich) [Theme from "Reilly, Ace of Spies..."]
James Bond Theme...(Barry)
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