I Know Where I'm Going

I know where I'm goin'
and I know who's goin' with me
I know who I love
and my dear knows who I'll marry.
I have stockings of silk
and shoes of bright green leather
Combs to buckle my hair
and a ring for every finger
O' feather beds are soft
and painted rooms are bonnie
But I would give them all
for my handsome winsome Johnny
Some say that he's poor,
but I say that he's bonnie
Fairest of them all
is my handsome winsome Johnny.

Buffy Rebecca’s honeymoon song (sung during their honeymoon in London)-

from the Wizard of Oz

In a rather jazzy style...

“When a girl’s an empty kettle...Her heart may...be made of metal...Still it can be...torn apart...”

“Now I may be presumin'...But I think that I am human...If I truly have a heart...”

“I am tender...I am gentle...I can be...so sentimental...And I really feel the part...”

“So I may be presumin'...But I believe we’re human...If we only have a heart...”

“Picture me...On balcony...My beau comes from..below...Strange place to find...Romeo...”

“I heard his...Beat...So sweet...”

“When he registered emotion...And pledged me his devotion...I gathered up my nerve...”

“And I likewise think he’s human...Though you may think I’m presumin'...’Cause I know he has a heart...”

EBB TIDE (Spike and Buffy Rebecca Love Theme)

First the tide rushes in
Plants a kiss on the shore
Then rolls out to sea
And the sea is very still once more
So I rush to your side
Like the oncoming tide
With one burning thought
Will your arms open wide
At last we're face to face
And as we kiss through an embrace
I can tell, I can feel
You are love, you are real
Really mine in the rain
In the dark, in the sun
Like the tide at its ebb
I'm at peace in the web of your arms

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